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Marriage is one of the most sacred institutions in India. Traditionally, parents  have arranged marriages for their children based on caste, matching horoscopes, family status, or dowry. Over the past few decades however, the divorce rate for Indian marriages has grown significantly. It would seem that the old way of doing things is no longer working—but why?




   Geetha Ravindra

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Discover how compatibility between partners can be determined more effectively through the use of thoughtful  questions. An in-depth analysis of good communication and collaborative conflict resolution skills is provided in Shaadi Remix. 


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Take a peak into Shaadi Remix by reading the preface, which offers an introduction to the author's objectives in writing the book, as well as an overview of the key issues addressed in the book. 


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Read stories about Indian couples dealing with difficult marital issues. These real life scenarios provide examples of the common challenges faced by Indian couples and a context for the valuable insights shared in Shaadi Remix.

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Drawing on her experience with hundreds of families struggling with marital discord, attorney and mediator Geetha Ravindra explores the breakdown of Indian marriage within a rapidly changing culture, explaining why the conventional criteria used to arrange marriages no longer ensure lasting, healthy relationships. With stories of how real Indian couples navigate a twenty-first-century world, Shaadi Remix: Transforming the Traditional Indian Marriage, provides guidance on alternative methods of choosing partners, as well as tips on effectively communicating and resolving conflict in marriage.

By: geetha Ravindra



Shaadi Remix